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Dae Jang Geum Episode 54(Final Episode)

 The king feels that his life isn't so long. The king makes Jang-Geum get out of the palace.

Jang-Geum is taken to Min Jung-Ho. Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho go to Ming.

Eigth years pass.

Min Jung-Ho and Jang-Geum and their daughter live in a small village in the low status.

Duk-gu comes to Jang-Geum. Jang-Geum and Min Jung-Ho come to the palace again. They restore the status.But two decide not to return to the palace.

Jang-Geum finds a pregnant woman in a cave. Jang-Geum uses a knife to the woman. A baby is born safely. Mother is also safe.

The last words of the drama is Min Jung-Ho's."But she will ask this generation.'Why not,if it is to save a life?' "

Dae Jang Geum DVD-BOX 3 (Episode37 to 54) Region Code:All

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